How to Spot Fake Designer Wallets

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Designer wallets are desired for their high-quality, lovely styles and michael kors handbags sale durability. Unfortunately, there are thousands of replicas out on the market. These sellers try to trick consumers into paying expensive designer prices for replicas. Don't get duped by these scam artists. Here are some ways to spot fake designer wallets.Does this Spark an idea?Other People Are ReadingHow to Identify an Authentic Michael Kors Monogram CanvasHow to Spot a Fake Gucci WalletInstructions 1Compare photos of the wallet for sale with photos of authentic designer wallets. Visit the website of the designer in question and look up the wallet there. If you don't find the wallet listed, then you are likely dealing with a fake. If the wallet is from prior seasons, you should still be able to find authentic photos online. Look closely at the photos and determine if there are any differences between the authentic photos and the photos of the wallet for sale.2Examine the stitching on the wallet. Designer wallets feature high-quality, strong, even stitching. If the wallet's stitching appears flimsy, crooked or loose, then it is certainly not genuine.3Feel the wallet's material. If you are looking at photos and can't touch the wallet, look closely at the material. If it feels or looks cheap, thin or imitation, it is not likely to be real. Designer wallets are made from top-notch materials. Cheap materials are a surefire sign of a fake.4Observe any logos or signature patterns on the wallet. Many brands have logos or labels that are placed on all their wallets. If there are any typos, misspellings or discrepancies on the wallet for sale, you should be suspect of its authenticity.5Examine the interior lining of the wallet's pockets. Designer wallets often have unique linings, particular to specific brands. Make sure the lining matches authentic products. It should also be high-quality and not cheap.6Study the wallet's exterior for any signs of glue residue. The material on replica wallets is often glued together before it is sewn. Designers never glue their materials. If you spot glue residue, it's a fake.7Look at the packaging material. Most designers feature particular packaging for all their accessories. If the packaging is different than the designer's signature packaging, be suspicious.Tips & WarningsAlways ask the seller to confirm the authenticity of the wallet. If he seems at all hesitant to outright confirm it, walk away from the purchase.Trust your instincts. If you feel like there is a chance the wallet is a fake, save your money and purchase elsewhere.Beware of sellers on auction sites that have negative feedback. If other buyers have not had positive experiences with her, it's not likely you will michael kors handbags.

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